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  • Mission
    To lead, support and inspire the orange passion in our Franchise partners to achieve superior results while always ensuring that we exemplify a diversified, equitable and inclusive culture.
  • Vision
    To be the trusted global leader of innovative heart rate-based interval training
  • Values
    Passion, integrity, accountability, innovation, commUNITY and opportUNITY for all.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Orangetheory is committed to encouraging, facilitating and upholding an environment centered on diversity, equity and inclusion across every facet of the Orangetheory brand. We will work to create a sustainable culture that supports a healthy space for learning and growing, valuing and empowering every employee, inspiring a diverse franchise network, and uplifting the members and communities we serve.

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Orangetheory DEI Council

The Diversity Council at Orangetheory Fitness exists to provide insight, guidance and support to the organization as a means for incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion across all segments of the company.  The council consists of engaged employees, coaches, franchise owners and corporate executives dedicated to all people. 

The mission is to create and sustain a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture at Orangetheory Fitness for all employees, members, partners and stakeholders.

The council is dedicated to several initiatives, with a focus on internal and external integrated content, DEI hiring practices, learning development and community engagements. The goals for each of these initiatives include, but are not limited to: 

  • Establishing necessary support to ensure the sustainability of DEI programming

  • Expanding the lifelong learning DEI program for all employees

  • Attracting, hiring and retaining a diverse and multiculturally sensitive staff

  • Creating a culture of employee engagement, trust, support and inclusion

  • Increasing partnerships that could lead to the representation of new clients and a more diverse client base

Annual Virtual Learning Summit

Orangetheory's 2021 Virtual Summit will focus on educating studio managers, head coaaches and regional teams with valuable content and important takeaways. This year Slma Shelbayah, Chief Communications Officer at Yardstick Management, will be leading a special keynote address titled 'Fostering an Inclusive Mindset: The Power of Promoting More Life for All.'

She will discuss how committing to learning how to best leverage diversity in meaningful, intentional and impactful ways can help generate and sustain a work culture that supports inclusvity and belonging for all. 

Orangetheory Block Party

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