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Try It Live. Get More Life.

What Our Members Are Saying

  • Live vs. On-Demand
    I liked that it was “live“ instead of a video/on-demand. Most importantly, I was held accountable to show up and give my best efforts for the 50 minutes!
    Callie R.
  • The Experience
    I am BEYOND impressed with Orangetheory Live! After 6+ months of virtual workouts, Orangetheory Live proved my expectations wrong!
    Alexis E.
  • The Community
    Those extra classes are one click away. For me, my perfect weekly routine is the combination of in-person and Orangetheory Live classes. Even through the screen, I feel like we are in the workout together!
    Sveta O.

Now Available At A Studio Near You!

Orangetheory Live is now available at a number of locations across Canada. Ask your studio for more details, or check out our FAQ for more answers.

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