Orangetheory Live - Frequently Asked Questions

About Orangetheory Live

What is Orangetheory Live

Orangetheory Live is an interactive experience, bringing the workouts you love online. It connects the science, coaching, technology and motivation you experience inside an Orangetheory studio, and you can join class from any laptop or desktop, anywhere. Rest assured, this is not your standard video workout or digital fitness product. It’s an energy-packed, interactive fitness experience led by a certified Orangetheory coach guiding you through a true class experience in real time.

How long are Orangetheory Live classes?

Orangetheory Live classes are 45-50 minutes. The classes focus on endurance, strength and power exercises and include warm-up and flexibility blocks.

Understanding Orangetheory Live

How do I book an Orangetheory Live class?

Once you have an active membership or class pack in a location hosting Orangetheory Live, you can book classes in advance via the OTF Mobile App.
If your studio offers this class type, when you book a class in the app you’ll see “Orangetheory Live HQ” favorited as your studio and “Virtual Live 50” as the class type.

How much does an Orangetheory Live class cost?

Orangetheory Live is included in the cost of our memberships. But don’t forget, you can always try a workout! Find your location to book your workout today.

How do I know if my studio is offering Orangetheory Live?

Orangetheory Live is offered in selected studios; see your studio for details.

Are classes on demand? Can I pause a class? Is the class recorded so I can take it later?

No, Live classes are hosted in real time and no material is recorded.

Can I use my iPhone, android, or tablet to take an Orangetheory Live class?

Orangetheory Live is supported and optimized to work in the Google Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop (Windows). At this stage, Orangetheory Live is not supported on mobile devices.

Do I need gym equipment to take a class?

Most classes incorporate dumbbells, and sometimes include mini bands, to optimize the workouts. However, the Orangetheory Live instructors provide options for all exercises and the program can be successfully completed with and without equipment.
To power up your Orangetheory Live experience, get equipped with TRX basics for your home.

Can I turn off my camera?

Yes, you are able to disable video, but we recommend keeping your camera on to get motivation and direction from your coach so you can take full advantage of the overall experience.

Joining / Loggin In

How do I join a class?

When you Book a Class in the app you’ll see “Orangetheory Live HQ” favorited as your studio and “Virtual Live 50” as the class type.
Once you’ve booked a Orangetheory Live workout, you will receive an email 25-30 minutes before class with directions; it will include a link/button to start the class, which will direct you to the Live class platform.All participants must be logged on within 5-minutes of class start time.

What if I don't receive my e-mail to start the class?

If you have not received your link to the platform via email, you can visit where you will have the ability to log into your scheduled classes.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with the Orangetheory Live platform?

Use the chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the Live class platform screen and someone will be able to assist you. If you have not received your link to the Live class platform via email, you can access where you will have the ability to log into your scheduled classes.

I signed up for a class but can’t make it. How do I cancel my reservation?

Classes are reservation-based, similar to your in-studio experience. If you are not able to attend a booked class, open your OTF mobile app to remove yourself 8 hours or more prior to the class start to prevent a late cancel charge.

What happens if I am running late to class?

For the safety of members and to ensure time for warmup, there is no entry into class after 5 minutes.

Do I need any equipment for class?

Come ready for class with a mat, towel, light weights or objects, a bottle of water and the desire to air-high-five your heart out.

Heart Rate Monitors

Can I connect my OTbeat™ Heart Rate Monitor for an Orangetheory Live class?

Orangetheory Live currently supports the OTbeat Burn and OTbeat Flex.  Members using an OTbeat Core can connect it via Bluetooth to their mobile app using the Out of Studio Workout feature during their Orangetheory Live Class.
This can be found by clicking the At Home section of the OTF mobile app, selecting HIIT Workout. After selecting it, you will see a 3-second countdown before the app starts tracking your stats.

Can I track my stats during a class?

You can pair your OTbeat Burn or OTbeat Flex to the platform to track Splat Points and see personalized results in real time.

Will I receive a Performance Summary after class?

Yes, once you coach has ended class, your workout summary will show up in your OTF mobile app.