Are You a Victim of the ‘Chasing Skinny’ Movement?

Orangetheory Fitness is not about counting calories and losing weight. It’s a workout program structured to fuel your body with the exercise multivitamin to help you achieve a longer, healthier life.
Are You a Victim of the ‘Chasing Skinny’ Movement?

“I’ll take the skinny margarita, please. No salt.”

When it comes to weight loss, we all suddenly turn our ears. Apart from ED pills, it’s the #1 topic of spam artists out there. Why? Because sending an email with “weight loss” in the subject line gets clicks. Over and over again. It has become an obsession in today’s world, so much so that people will risk anything for the number on their scale to drop — even their own health. Or worse — the taste of a regular margarita.

You see those who fall for weight loss pills and restrictive diets that guarantee losing 30 lbs. in 30 days. And you see a surge of gym memberships that flood in around January 1st of every year, then cancellations that follow that very next month when desired results aren’t achieved. The 21st century mentality is that we want it and we want it now. In the age of “freaky fast” gourmet sandwich delivery, we expect change to happen at the snap of a finger.  

At Orangetheory Fitness, we’ve seen our fair share of those who have caved and have fallen victim to the spammy weight loss ads and promotions put out by uncredentialed companies.

Today’s all-too-prevalent warped sense of how to achieve healthy weight loss was the source of inspiration for this article, since healthy weight loss the #1 goal of our members.

Orangetheory Fitness is not about counting calories and losing weight. It’s a workout program structured to fuel your body with the exercise multivitamin to help you achieve a longer, healthier life. Those of you who consider yourselves overweight and follow this program to a tee will notice that weight loss is a healthy benefit (and added bonus!) of following the program. You will also reap further health benefits in addition to weight loss without even knowing it. And for those of you who don’t need to lose pounds, this workout program will improve your overall fitness level and sculpt your body for optimal performance. It’s a well-rounded workout that’s tailored to your own individual needs, regardless of your current age and fitness level.

So, Why Does Orangetheory Work?

How can we say that, with a proper diet that doesn’t dwell on calorie counting, weight loss supplements, or any form of malnutrition, you will change your body at the cellular level? All Orangetheory workouts are rooted in these three physiological elements.

1. Cardiovascular Interval Training – When your body’s cardiovascular system is overloaded during your “Push” and “All Out” paces (your time in the Orange and Red zones, aka “Splat Points”), you make way for oxygen to find its way to the mitochondria to create more ATP, or energy for your body’s cells. This results in an increase in your VO2 max, which is a marker of how efficiently your body uses oxygen. Over time, you will notice your resting heart rate, which is most accurately measured upon waking up in the morning, starts to decline. You’ve essentially trained your heart to work more efficiently by way of interval training.

2. Strength Training – Restrictive diets that limit calorie intake will allow you to lose fat, but you’ll also lose muscle simultaneously, which acts to lower your metabolism over time. Orangetheory incorporates strength building movements to maintain a metabolically charged body. Added bonus: Your body burns more calories maintaining muscle than maintaining fat. At what pace, you ask? Research supports that 1 lb. of muscle, at rest, burns roughly 15 kcal/day, which is estimated to be 5x the rate of what fat expends. If you want to burn more calories while you’re sleeping, incorporating strength training in your workout program definitely helps in the process.

3. Power – Orangetheory incorporates the WaterRower to increase your body’s ability to produce power with little impact. The WaterRower is one of the top low-impact, highest calorie-burning exercises we can do. This integrated movement helps with posture, flexibility, core strength and overall conditioning. Maintaining wattage over decades is what contributes to the anti-aging benefits characteristic of the Orangetheory workout. Think of the wattage in your body as it compares to the wattage in a lightbulb. Without adopting a consistent workout program, the wattage in your body slowly starts to decline over time, just as the wattage in a lightbulb slowly diminishes during its lifespan. Incorporating power in your workout helps to maintain the wattage in your body, and keeps you shining bright well into your later years. Who can resist finding the Fountain of Youth?  

The unique combination of these three elements that are inherent in every Orangetheory workout work together to build a performance-based machine — your own body — to pave the way for a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle. Just remember to fuel your body with the proper balance of nutrients to provide the energy to maximize your workout potential. It’s all about committing to a lifestyle rooted in moderation. So, what’s the skinny on weight loss? Enjoy that regular margarita. Just don’t forget to get your workout in first!


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