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5 Reasons to Love OTF: According to Moms

5 Reasons to Love OTF: According to Moms

Somewhere between packing lunches, playing chauffeur, helping with homework and doing everything it takes to raise kind humans, a very special group of people across the world find a little bit of time each week to step under some orange lights, tune out their responsibilities and show up for themselves.

Orangetheory moms.

Superheroes at home, absolute bosses at the studio.

Of course, every Orangetheory mom has different goals. Some are just trying to keep up with their kids. Some are in search of their pre-pregnancy confidence. Some are starting from scratch, while others are training for their 30th marathon. But even though no two walks of life are the same, and as difficult as it may be to find the time in their hectic schedules, they all share one thing in common: Every single Orangetheory mom is committed to self-care.

Did you know the American Heart Association recommends getting either 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week, or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise plus strength training on two or more days? Just two to three Orangetheory classes a week can help you meet those guidelines!

And so that’s what Orangetheory moms do: attend to the treads, rowers and floors at their nearest studio and crush it. Week after week.

So what IS it about Orangetheory specifically, as opposed to other fitness options, that keeps these mamas coming back?

Here’s what they say.

1. The extremely knowledgeable coaches. When you’re investing time and money in your fitness routine, it’s crucial that the people leading you through your workouts know more than just how to perform a goblet squat. Jade Elliot of Oklahoma City has worked out at OTF through three pregnancies.

She says, “When my coaches found out I was pregnant with my first, they all made sure they were educated on how to properly exercise while pregnant. They always gave me proper modifications and encouraged me the whole time to continue exercising while pregnant!”

2. The community. From the high-fives in class to the dozens of dedicated Facebook groups, there’s just something about Orangetheory members you can’t find anywhere else. “There is always someone there to motivate you, push you, or even compliment you on your efforts,” says Lindsay Kaufman Bertoncini of Chicago. “As moms, we do a lot but don’t always get acknowledged. OTF provides that for me and other moms. Even when we post our daily workouts on social media and receive kudos from other moms.”

She adds that even after working out for a long time at various gyms and studios, she’d never seen the results she has from OTF. “The workouts pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could, like run … a lot.”

3. The range of class times. From 4:30 a.m. to well past dinnertime, OTF is here for you. Leah Toman Price of San Antonio gets her two kids off to school, then heads out to class. “I used to be an afternoon workout girl, but I love my mornings now! Get the day started and I get it done!”

Lindsey Blitvich of Cornelius, North Carolina, agrees: “​I go to the 5 a.m. classes, and being able to get it out of the way first thing helps me stick to it. As soon as I get home, I am getting myself ready for work while also packing lunches and getting the kids ready. If I didn’t have that early morning session outside of the house, my workout just wouldn’t happen.”

4. The actual workouts. “The reason I came to Orangetheory was because I needed to find myself again after my son was diagnosed with severe autism,” shares Jessica Miller of Cleveland, Ohio. “I had let my health and fitness go and it was time for me to put myself back on the list of priorities. I found that if I give fully to myself and care for my own body and mind that I can give him the best too. The workouts are straightforward and easy to follow. It’s mindless. You set that tread and go. I always feel so great and glad I went.”

Not to mention, the workouts are effective. “Orangetheory has kept my strength and endurance up so I can keep up with playing with my kids, and carrying them (and all of their stuff) in as few trips as possible,” says Nancy Marra of Latham, NY. “I also don't mind hearing my kids tell their friends, ‘My mommy is strong’ or ‘My mommy has big muscles.’”

5. The space it provides to be your best self — without distractions.

For Elisha Coppens of Portland, Maine, it’s the one hour a day where nobody depends on her for anything. “I don’t have to make any decisions, I just get to escape to work my body to its fullest extent and listen to great music. It also helps me have the energy I need later in the day to deal with my kiddos!”

Devan Weber, a mom of two also in Maine says, “I treat OTF as a gift to myself twice a week. “It’s for my physical, mental, and emotional wellness. I’m a better mom, wife and version of myself when I hit my classes on a regular basis.”

Calling all moms…

Yep, Orangetheory moms. A special breed of git-er-done, determined, compassionate warriors who make our studios so much better, just by being there. Trust us when we say, you definitely can't beat them. So why not join them? If you're not yet a member, sign up today for a free workout. We promise we won't ask you what's for dinner.


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