Reignite Your Health and Happiness Goals This Summer

Reignite Your Health and Happiness Goals This Summer

The start of 2023 — when you set those ambitious New Year's resolutions, determined to become the healthiest, fittest and happiest version of yourself – feels like a long time ago. But now, midway through the year, are you still on track to achieve all of those aspirations?

If you kicked off the year with a focus on improving your mental and physical well-being, you’re not alone — a Forbes Health/OnePoll survey found that the top 2023 resolutions were to enhance mental health (45%), improve fitness (39%) and adopt a healthier diet (33%). However, according to Forbes, 55% of the resolutions committed in January don’t last through the year.

Whether you believe in resolutions or not, there is no better time than the summer to reset, refocus and recommit to your goals. Just think about the progress you could make if you started now instead of waiting for next January to roll around! By making a plan and sticking to it over the next six months, you can reignite your motivation and finish the year out strong.

Improve Mental Health  
Our mental well-being affects every aspect of our lives, from our relationships to the way we respond to everyday stresses. So, how can we enhance our mental health and measure our success along the way?

According to Orangetheory research scientist Dr. Brittany Masteller, "It can be very easy to think of big, grandiose ways to improve our mental health when it’s often the little things that can make a huge difference in our day-to-day lives."

She advises making a list of the experiences that contribute positively to your mental health, like walking outside, limiting social media time or spending quality time with loved ones.  
Consistently attending group fitness classes, like Orangetheory, can also improve your mental health through both exercise and community. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll start to notice after committing to your workouts:  

  • Reduced long-term feelings of anxiety  
  • Reduced daytime sleepiness  
  • Increased sleep quality and improve deep sleep  
  • Reduced risk for development of depression  
  • Improved symptoms of depression  
  • Improved cognition

Boost Fitness Levels
If you want to get into the best shape of your life but you haven’t been able to stay consistent with your workouts, Dr. Masteller suggests setting one specific, actionable goal. Here are a few examples:  

  • Attend X amount of Orangetheory classes or workouts per week/month
  • Train for a race, such as a 5K
  • Average X steps per day
  • Strive to achieve a benchmark personal record in the Orangetheory studio

Once you know exactly what you’re working toward, Dr. Masteller emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with a like-minded community. “This is one reason Orangetheory is so much more than just a workout,” she says. “Our expert coaches and members provide a top-notch community to help you reach your goals.”

Having an accountability buddy is also a game-changer. “Maybe you attend the same class times or both recently had a baby,” Dr. Masteller says. “Either way, you have a common thread to your goals and can help motivate each other once the initial excitement of setting the goal has passed.”

Commit To Your Nutrition
Our dietary choices have an impact on all of the above — from our mental health to our workouts, to our overall well-being. To revitalize your nutrition resolution, Jay Patruno, a registered dietitian and Orangetheory's Nutrition Strategist, says to focus less on “taking away” certain foods and more on “adding value.”

“Find some new, healthy things to add to your routine,” he says. “One day doesn’t change it all (for better or worse), but repetition is where you will start to notice changes.” For example, Patruno says if your goal is to not skip a snack after an Orangetheory class, set it next to your heart rate monitor so you remember to grab it when you head to the studio.

Instead of hopping on a scale to measure your success, Patruno recommends keeping a journal where you can track improvements in your:  

  • Energy levels
  • Quality of sleep
  • Mood and attitude
  • Performance in the studio
  • How you feel after working out/recovery
  • Consistency and cadence of bowel movements
  • Focus and ability to complete work tasks

“Thinking small now will pay off big later,” Patruno says. Whether it's improving mental health, enhancing fitness levels or adopting a healthier diet, forming new, healthy habits now can lead to substantial outcomes by the end of the year.

Don’t wait another six months to recommit to your resolutions. Start making progress in all three areas of your life with support from your local Orangetheory community. Find a studio near you.


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