WTF is OTF? Your Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Orangetheory Fitness

WTF is OTF? Your Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Orangetheory Fitness

Let’s play a game.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought Orangetheory was a frozen yogurt shop. Or a smoothie shop. Or wondered what actually happens under those mysterious orange lights. Or seriously— WHY that one friend on social media won’t talk about anything else?!

Yeah. We've heard it all.

Loyalists know Orangetheory Fitness as a high-energy group workout that uses data to help you get results.

But for the uninitiated... uhhh... scratches head... WTF is OTF?!

Let’s dive in.

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory is a one-hour, full-body cardio and strength training workout that delivers a more personalized experience in a group setting.

Every minute of an Orangetheory workout is shaped by the science behind our five heart rate zones. This unique approach takes you through a combination of anaerobic, aerobic, strength and stability training to help you live a longer, more vibrant life.

Each class includes an engaging mix of treadmill, rowing and floor blocks that may include bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, a BOSU ball and/or TRX straps. Whether you power walk, jog or run on the treadmills, activate up to 85% of your muscles on the rowers, or learn to master that perfect form on the floor– it's your hour, at your pace.

We use connected technology to track performance so members can view detailed results in real-time, and monitor progress over time. And each class is led by a certified coach to ensure members of all fitness levels and abilities can successfully and continually challenge themselves.

Got it? Ready or not, let’s move on.

What is an Orangetheory class like?

You’ll feel the energy before you even start class. Playlist cued up, coach mic’d up. Our music is specifically curated to our workouts— it’s not just background noise, it’s a motivator for members to push themselves further and keep coming back.

And that big fancy screen adorned with bright orange, green, blue and red colors in class? Hard to ignore, right?

Let's clear up a common misconception: our screens aren’t leaderboards. Instead of ranking everyone’s performance, they champion personal progress by displaying your time spent in all five heart rate zones.” The goal is to spend 12-20 minutes in your anaerobic zone (aka the “Orange Zone”)— which will in turn boost your metabolism, burn more fat and calories, build strength and confidence, and motivate you with real-time results. Plus, your coach also needs to know how you’re feeling. They’re trained to use YOUR personalized heart rate metrics to pump you up harder or pull you back for recovery.

No judgments. Just a whole lot of fun and fist bumps.

You could be next to a former collegiate athlete, who’s next to a newbie attempting their first sit-up. Everyone works at their own pace and effort, because it’s not about going the fastest or lifting the heaviest. Our members are made up of hundreds of thousands of people scattered across the globe, using their heart to become a better version of themselves.

Okay, great! So... uh, another question...

What do you do at Orangetheory?

This one’s for all of you who read menus before ever stepping foot in the restaurant.

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a front desk staff member ready to welcome you by name. Reserve your spot on a treadmill, rower or weight floor station. Make friends with other members in the lobby (or don’t!). Get a warm greeting from your coach as you walk into class.

Then from there?

Classes are always different. But you’ll warm up. You’ll lift things up and put them back down. You'll power walk, jog or run. You'll row. You’ll stretch.

You’ll get an indescribable feeling of elation. No doubt. Because this is the real secret:

Orangetheory is better experienced than explained.

“From the moment I took my first class in 2019, I knew this was the workout for me,” says Iris Lopez, a member from Humble, TX. “It just felt right.”

Other people say it’s their happy place. Or they say it’s where they go to escape. They may use phrases like interval training and Splat Points. Or some just shrug and say, “I don’t know, it just works.” And that’s just it. Our members don’t keep coming back because of what Orangetheory is; they keep coming back because of how it makes them feel. Sure, we could throw some fancy multi-hyphenates at you like science-backed, technology-tracked and coach-inspired.

Or you could book a free class and see for yourself.


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