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  • The new OTbeat Link for Apple Watch is a small device that allows you to sync your Apple Watch directly with our in-studio heart rate monitoring system. 

  • The ID of your device can be located on the packaging of the OTbeat Link box. Once the device is connected to the Orangetheory watch application they can find the serial number there as well. It will be on the Join Class screen by swiping left.

  • The OTbeat Link is always powered on and in a low battery consumption state.

  • No. The only thing you will need to pair your OTbeat Link to is your Apple watch.

    1. Download the Orangetheory Mobile App
    2. Allow permissions of the Orangetheory Mobile App to receive data from the Health App (must be done in order for the OTbeat Link to work)
    3. Ensure the Orangetheory Watch App is downloaded
    4. Pair your OTbeat Link by scanning for device from the Orangetheory Watch App
    5. Once your OTbeat Link has connected, be sure your OTbeat Link Serial # is entered into your studio’s OTbeat system by studio staff. (This can be found on the box or within the Orangetheory Watch App once successfully paired)
  • Remove device via Watch app

    1. Launch the Orangetheory Watch app

    2. Swipe left on the START screen

    3. Tap “DISCONNECT”

  • No. The OTbeat Link watch app will remember the last known device it was connected to unless the device was manually disconnected through the watch app.

  • Click your Orangetheory Watch App, you will have the option to select Start Workout 

    If the class has not yet started in the OTbeat system, it will say STARTING SOON

    If. you forgetsto select the Start button on your watch, it will automatically start once the class has begun in the OTbeat system by studio staff

    You may also end the workout early at any time, by swiping left and tapping End

  • Yes. All you need to do is tap “RESUME” to pick up where you left off.

  • The OTbeat Link will need to be at most 2 inches away from the Apple watch to commence scanning and pairing. The optimal position for the OTbeat Link is attached to the Apple watch wristband, which is located just above or below the clock face

  • Yes. All steps, calories, and heart rate data will accumulate in the activity application and move you further in your activity rings.

  • The Apple Watch measures a user’s heartrate 1 time every 5 seconds, whereas the OTbeat Burn measures a user’s heartrate 4 times every second. Therefore you may see the OTbeat Burn update your heartrate more frequently than the Apple Watch.

  • Yes. All you need to do is tap “RESUME” to pick up where you left off.

  • No, the OTbeat Link relies on the OTbeat system, which is only available in OTF studios. Members can however use their Apple Watch for out of studio workouts and continue to track their fitness goals progress. 

  • You will only be able to charge your OTbeat Link using your charging case.

  • Upon plugging in the OTbeat Link charging case to a power source, the LED light inside the charging case will light up. Upon fully charging, the LED light will change to green.

  • The OTbeat Link case will take approximately 2.5 hours to charge from a completely discharged state.

  • The OTbeat Link case can provide 8 to 10 charges to the OTbeat Link before needing to recharge.

  • The OTbeat Link device, at full charge, will typically last 6 hours. The OTbeat Link Charging Case, at full charge, will typically last 8 wireless charges of the OTbeat Link device before requiring recharge.