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Orangetheory's New Workouts: A Glimpse to the Future

Orangetheory's New Workouts: A Glimpse to the Future

The pandemic turned the world upside down. It wrenched lives and livelihoods and threw off-kilter all we had come to count on.

Yet, through everything hurled at all of us, Orangetheory has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing science-backed, technology-tracked and coach-led workouts for people of all fitness levels. For over a decade, Orangetheory has been instrumental in transforming lives physically, emotionally and mentally.

This commitment continues as we move forward into the future of fitness, offering two distinct and exciting workout options:

1. Strength 50: 50-minutes exclusively dedicated to strength and resistance training.

2. Orangetheory Outdoors: A refreshing outdoor workout in the great outdoors.

Scott Brown, Orangetheory’s Vice President of Fitness, emphasizes the importance of maintaining the core in-studio Orangetheory experience while acknowledging the evolving preferences of members. He notes that “the future is finding a mix of options and helping members utilize and diversify as easily as possible.”

The introduction of these new offerings is designed to enhance members’ overall fitness experience while also making financial sense. As Scott explains, “If a person is looking at the reality of their schedule, logistics, family and work, a lot of times spending money on fitness is a cost-and-return conversation. If they think they won’t go to the studio as often as they’d like, this is a way to spend their money to maximize their membership.”

Whether you prefer a brick-and-mortar studio or want the flexibility to work out from anywhere, Orangetheory’s ecosystem caters to your needs. The common thread among all these options is their foundation in scientific principles.

In the Strength 50 class, Shaina Lore, an Orangetheory member in Cherry Hill, N.J., discovered a new way to focus on her strength training. This 50-minute workout is dedicated to helping members build lean muscle mass, improve form and get stronger – both physically and mentally. Participants focus on specific muscle groups, receive form guidance and can ask questions. Shaina’s experience with Strength 50 has led to impressive fitness gains, including muscle growth and fat loss. Learn more about the benefits of strength training.

For those who prefer the great outdoors, Orangetheory Outdoors offers the studio experience in a natural setting. Members can track their workouts using the Orangetheory app and OTbeat while enjoying the benefits of working out in the open air at an outdoor fitness class.

Scott Brown envisions the expansion of this ecosystem as the future of Orangetheory. He emphasizes that the core values of community, enjoyment and the workout itself, alongside the guidance of coaches will always remain at the heart of the Orangetheory experience. The future, driven by technology and science, will continue to reflect these foundational principles.


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