Fuel Your Workout, Fuel Your Life

To live a healthy, long life, the cardiovascular training you get from Orangetheory is only part of the equation. Get more out of your workout with these simple, yet powerful nutrition tips.
Fuel Your Workout, Fuel Your Life

Base, Push and All Out are terms we hear every day in an Orangetheory studio to dictate our pace throughout class. Little did you know that these terms apply in other facets of life, too, including nutrition— an often-overlooked, yet essential component to maximizing your workout potential and extending your life.

Complement your workout goals in the studio with a proper nutrition program at home. Let’s explore healthy eating tips that will not only enhance your workout but promote overall well-being.

‍Base: Building a Strong Foundation

Healthy Eating Tip 1: Whole Foods

Nutrition can be complicated, so let’s keep it easy. Opt for whole, unprocessed foods without labels. Need more? A good rule of thumb is to opt for foods with no more than 7 recognizable ingredients. At meals, aim for a balanced plate – think ½ vegetables, ¼ protein and ¼ carbs. Don’t forget healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts or seeds.

‍Healthy Eating Tip 2: Listen to Your Body

Stay connected to your body by practicing intuitive eating. Mindfully consider hunger and fullness cues before, during and after meals, to aim for a balance that suits your goals.

Healthy Eating Tip 3: Savor Variety and Flexibility

Life happens, and we often like to celebrate with a variety of foods. When indulging, savor each bite, and you’ll often find satisfaction with less.

Push: Elevating Nutrition in Your Fitness Journey

Healthy Eating Tip 4: Calculate Your Metabolic Needs

Determine your base metabolism for weight maintenance, adjusting caloric intake based on your specific goals such as weight loss or maintenance.

Women: (10 x weight in kg) + (6.25 x height in cm) – (5 x Age) – 161; then multiply result by 1.2

Men: (10 x weight in kg) + (6.25 x height in cm) – (5 x Age) + 5; then multiply result by 1.2

Healthy Eating Tip 5: Establish a Consistent Rhythm

Maintain a regular eating schedule to hit your daily goals, spreading protein intake throughout the day to support metabolism and lean muscle gains. Aim for at least your minimum vegetable goal and build on it over time.

All Out: Optimizing Performance and Recovery

For those working out frequently or training for an event, optimize your nutrition for peak performance and recovery:

Healthy Eating Tip 6: Nutrient Timing

Space your meals and snacks throughout the day to help boost your performance. It’s also important to ensure you are consistently hydrating.

Healthy Eating Tip 7: Fuel Up Before Your Workout

Choose quick, easily digestible snacks like fruit 30 minutes before your workout. If you have at least 60 minutes before your workout, consider a light snack that focuses on carbohydrates with a small amount of protein (yogurt with fruit, protein smoothie or homemade energy balls/bars.)

Healthy Eating Tip 8: Re-Fuel After Your Workout

Consume a combination of protein and carbs within an hour post-workout to maximize results, aid recovery and improve future performance. Recovery snack ideas include: protein-rich green smoothie, chocolate milk, almond butter with a banana, healthy trail mix or turkey and cheese with apple slices.

You’ve already gone All Out in the studio; now, take your nutrition goals to the next level with these healthy eating tips. Enhance your fitness journey by fueling your workout and life with the right nutrition. See you in the studio soon!


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